Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our saddles...

1. How do your saddles compare to Tucker?

 Many people have stated that our seats are even more comfortable and their knees and ankles feel better too.

2. Do you take trades?

 sometimes depending on saddle

3. Where can I find these saddles other than your shop?

click here for our DEALERS 

4. Can we bring our horse to the shop and have the saddle fitted to it?

   Yes, we have a place where you can ride your horse and see how the saddle rides and fit your horse   

5. Do you have matching tack?

     Yes, we make halter bridles and breast collars to match the saddles.

6. Will this saddle fit my horse?

The easyride saddles will fit Fox-trotters, Walking horses, Arabians and Quarter  horses. We also have 9 different bar choices to fit just about any horse or mule 

7.  Do we have to come to the shop or can you ship the saddle to me?

     We ship saddles by UPS or Fed-Ex, all over the U.S.

8. Can I buy a black saddle?

    Yes, our saddles come in three colors: brown, tan and black

9. Do you only make trail saddles?

   No we can and do make any type of western  saddle We will even make one to fit your   specialized needs.





::What's New::
 Our saddles will be in Foxtrot U.S.A's tent at this year's MFTHBA National Show & Celebration in Ava MO. We will be on the trail rides 9/6-9/8. Hope to see you then